ClimaCheck Diagnostic and Optimisation Course


Training Course Summary by Nick Smith

The first two ClimaCheck Diagnostic and Optimisation Courses were run at Business Edge recently to great acclaim. Popularity ensured that the second course, originally scheduled for a future date was pulled forward to meet demand.

Over the two days our delegates were taken through familiarisation of the extensive capabilities of the ClimaCheck system.

We then delved deeper into the nuances of Cooling System Efficiency and interpretation of the ClimaCheck data to give our delegates a powerful insight into the methods we employ to make sizeable energy savings and efficiency gains in virtually all cooling systems we have analysed.

Breaking for lunch, we held open forum discussions to see how and where our customer’s ClimaCheck systems are being utilised, and the challenges they faced, allowing our ClimaCheck experts to provide detailed answers and worked examples on the topics raised.

The second day saw our delegates roll up their sleeves and experiment with live systems using the ClimaCheck PA PRO analyser to see in real time how simple adjustments to system components increased efficiency, including the optimisation of the refrigerant charge to achieve peak efficiency.

Incorrect refrigerant charge is the most common area where we see significant improvements in efficiency and reduction in running costs. Incorrect refrigerant charge affects over 42% of all running systems tested.

Feedback was highly positive and spurred us on to schedule the next ClimaCheck Diagnostic and Optimisation Course soon thereafter.

Hi Andy/Mike/Nick

Hope you are all well….

Just like to say a quick thank you to you all for the D&O Course you laid on, we all got a lot out of it and it was well worth it, a great help, also big thanks to Nick for the in-depth report.


Kind Regards


Technical Services Manager
Head Office: DMA Group

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