F-Gas Legislation – ACR Leak Detection 24/7

2015 F-Gas regs dictate monitoring…

The fixed ClimaCheck Performance Analyser provides non-invasive monitoring of temperature/pressure/power meter connections for ACR & HP systems and delivers live reporting and alerts 24/7.

Up to 30% Energy Savings!
Lease your fixed unit from ONLY £95 per month!

The real potential with having ClimaCheck as part of your tool kit, is the system optimisation possibilities. Our experience shows that ClimaCheck can save up to 30% of ACR energy costs.

Refrigerant Recovery Service with Fri3Oil

“The Multi-purpose and Multi-Refrigerant Refrigeration Cleaning System.”

Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Fri3Oil works with any type of refrigerant and can be used on any type / size of refrigeration or air conditioning system. Fri3Oil is thus ideal for refrigerant/oil conversions (retrofits of MO/POE Oil) or the removal of all contaminants following a compressor motor burnout.

The Fri3Oil system is available to hire or buy from Business Edge together with a full flushing and recovery service from our experienced team. Read more about the Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine here.




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