Inefficient Environmental Control Systems may be costing businesses more than wasted energy consumption

“Your environment has a huge impact on how productive you are. That means the temperature in your room, the colour of your walls and the noise happening around you.”

Studies have shown that personnel within our man-made environments show efficiency improvements when climate control is operating correctly.

However, the results from poorly controlled environments show some truly surprising results.

Personnel within office environments that are operating at temperatures only 5% below the optimum level, recorded an astonishing 44% increase in mistakes!

Similarly, employees working in hot and poorly ventilated environments suffer from increased tiredness and lethargy, which again dramatically reduces performance.

While most of us are aware when we are too hot or too cold, white noise is a type of ‘silent distraction’ that we often overlook.

The increased cortisol levels resulting from ongoing white noise may disrupt a person’s capacity to think clearly and to retain information.

Needless to say, together with the ‘human cost’ associated with noisy air conditioning systems, the equipment itself may be suffering too!

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