F-Gas Leak Detection Solution

f-gas leak detection solution

Under new F–Gas Regulations, any system with 500 equivalent tonnes of CO2 must have permanent leak detection.

ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in, as well as all the benefits of energy monitoring and system defect alerts via text or email.

ClimaCheck-unitsWhy spend thousands on a leak detection system when ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in and can also come with direct leak detection sensors!


ClimaCheck is also available as a portable system. This way you can analyse plant at each service visit and each leak check.

Indirect Leak Detection – Standard

ClimaCheck relies on measurements within the system and compares these over time to establish there is a leak. More reliable for plant situated in ventilated plant rooms or outside.
Ideal for critically charged systems (no liquid receivers). ClimaCheck will clearly identify low sub-cooling, high superheat, reduced cooling capacity, lower COP readings, reduced compressor power, increased discharge temperature. This confirms a refrigerant leak!
Automatic alarms can be set to alert personnel to potential refrigerant leaks.

Direct Leak Detection – Optional

Add up to 6 ClimaCheck sensors on a single circuit system. Multiple options for different sensors to cover all refrigerants. Ideal for all systems including those with liquid receivers. Multiple alarm outputs from the ClimaCheck Server. Monitor multiple zones & plants with a single ClimaCheck system.

To find out more about how ClimaCheck can be your Ultimate Leak Detection Solution, please contact us or visit our website.





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