Business Edge Expands Specialist AC&R Consultancy / Troubleshooting Services

Business Edge needs more consulting and technical services horsepower!

During the last 25 years or so, Business Edge has provided a very specialised and unique consultancy/troubleshooting  service to the industry, this including work on all manner of air conditioning and refrigeration plant, both in the UK and overseas.

Site Work has included nuclear power stations, data centres, hospitals, military establishments, manufacturing facilities, scientific installations, warships and more.

Clients Include manufacturers of aircraft, water chillers, DX systems, cold rooms, CO2 systems and supermarket refrigeration plant.

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser – whilst the company sells and supports this advanced technology, it is also extensively used in its consultancy and troubleshooting work, allowing Business Edge to analyse and optimise any type of AC&R plant, including precision commissioning and troubleshooting. This work has been spearheaded by Mike Creamer, MD for many years. However, the ongoing workload, coupled with Mike’s other commitments now brings about the need for additional horsepower in the form of one or more additional consultants/AC&R Specialists, who will be appointed Associates of Business Edge Ltd.

Accordingly, the company is seeking enquiries from interested parties with the appropriate technical, practical skills and specialist knowledge to fulfil this very interesting requirement.

Please send CV and personal history to: Mike Creamer (



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