ClimaCheck Training Event 26th/27th Feb

Gain an in-depth understanding of the new ClimaCheck PA Pro III Performance Analyser, the third-generation platform for ClimaCheck measurement systems.

Business Edge ClimaCheck Technical Training at Portsmouth

The Best Air Conditioning & Refrigeration system analyser just got Better

The ClimaCheck PA Pro III, available as a ClimaCheck Portable or Permanent DIN-Rail solution, provides a complete analysis of every operating parameter of any type of Air Conditioning, Close Control, Refrigeration or Heat Pump System, running on any refrigerant fluid.

ClimaCheck is available as a Portable Performance Analyser or as a Permanently Installed Performance Analyser.

Portable Performance Analyser – can be connected to most systems within 20 – 30 minutes and the results displayed in Tabular Worksheet, Graphical or System Schematic Formats. Results can be read at 1sec, 5sec, 30sec or 60sec intervals.


Who should attend?

This course is designed to give attendees an introduction and working knowledge of the NEW ClimaCheck PA PRO III Performance Analyser.

ClimaCheck enables A/C & Refrigeration Engineers to take field measurements of all types of AC&R equipment / systems using the Portable version of the ClimaCheck PA PRO III.

Attendees are expected to have a reasonable level of AC&R field experience covering servicing, maintenance and commissioning of air conditioning / refrigeration / heat pump equipment.  

Attendees are invited to submit their questions in advance of the course, to ensure that the training is of particular relevance to their field experience and requirements.

Introduction to the ClimaCheck Method & Technology


What is ClimaCheck?

  • Introduction to the ClimaCheck PA Pro III hardware
  • Understanding of the Principles used
  • Temperature / Pressure Sensors / Current Clamps / Voltage Connections
  • Power Meter Setup

Introduction to the ClimaCheck Software

  • ClimaCheck PA PRO software on Attendee’s Laptop or Business Edge Laptop
  • Principles of Templates & Data Source Files
  • Exporting to Excel


Connection and Set Up Demonstration of ClimaCheck up on a running Refrigeration System

  • Connection of Probes & Pressure Transducers (F-Gas Qualified attendees only)
  • Voltage & Current Measurements (3Ph & N, 3Ph Balanced, 1Ph systems)
  • Understanding and Monitoring Plant / System Behaviour
  • How does Superheat / Head Pressure / Sub-Cooling adjustment affect the system?
  • Establish if refrigerant charge is adequate / inadequate
  • Output of Recorded Data to create a Report (Word & Excel)
  • Typical uses for ClimaCheck – 3 Group Exercises


An overview and description of the new PA PRO III will be covered, with open discussion and questions.


Please email any questions or course subject / topic requests to:

Candidate Requirements

Candidates should download a free 20 day trial version of the ClimaCheck, firstly familiarising themselves with the general features before attending the Course.  The Course requires you to bring your own Notebook PC / Charger, etc.

Candidates who already own a ClimaCheck Portable, should bring their notebook PC/Charger, but are also welcome to bring the ClimaCheck Portable hardware, particularly if they have any problems that require rectification/discussion, as we may be able to assist in this regard during your time here.

Course Duration
2 Days.    (9.30am to 4.30pm)

Free of Charge

Buffet Lunch & Refreshments
A light buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Arrive on site properly tooled up with the PA Pro III

The solution delivers certainty when installing ACR & HP devices, together with ongoing analysis of the system. Similarly the remote analysis software tools deliver the potential for savings in both time and money for service engineers.

ClimaCheck gives businesses the edge… Come and see for yourself.

Please call Business Edge Ltd on: 02392 230007



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