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Samsung select Business Edge as Project Solutions Partner

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Air conditioning manufacturer Samsung has named Hampshire-based consultancy, Business Edge Ltd., as its first project solutions partner.

Business Edge Ltd, a specialist in air conditioning and refrigeration technology since 1990, is well-respected for its technical capabilities and services to the AC&R industry. Its activities include system and product design/build, R&D work, supply of diagnostic / performance analysis and system cleansing equipment, tools and instruments and engineering software. System commissioning, trouble-shooting and performance analysis work has been undertaken on all manner of UK and overseas projects ranging from £200M super yachts to nuclear power stations.

The Training Division has provided F-Gas, brazing and electrical certification courses for 28 years across the UK and overseas and also works on the development of training standards and reference works.

Mike Creamer, MD, started designing water chillers in the late 70’s and has worked ever since on numerous water chiller projects and installations, supermarket, process cooling and VRF systems. Accordingly, the company is delighted and honoured to have been appointed as the first Samsung Projects Solutions Partner in the UK. Business Edge Ltd will apply its chilled water system design experience, SolidWorks 3D modelling and system commissioning capabilities to contractors and end users applying Samsung’s DVM Modular Water Chillers, with the security of solid system and application engineering technical support.

Business Edge will can also apply its Quantum Heat Gain/Loss calculation software in accurately determining the thermal cooling loads / heat losses for all manner of buildings and process cooling applications to enable the best possible selection of Samsung equipment, including evaluation of the application and control strategy. Applications requiring correctly sized pipework, fittings/valves, buffer tanks and system control can also be designed.

Perry Jackson, Samsung’s head of air conditioning added: “Samsung has a unique VRF modular chiller product solution and Business Edge are an ideal partner to help grow our chiller sales in the UK. Their technical expertise and knowledge of chilled water solutions will certainly enhance our presence in this competitive market.”


ClimaCheck Training Event 26th/27th Feb

Gain an in-depth understanding of the new ClimaCheck PA Pro III Performance Analyser, the third-generation platform for ClimaCheck measurement systems.

Business Edge ClimaCheck Technical Training at Portsmouth

The Best Air Conditioning & Refrigeration system analyser just got Better

The ClimaCheck PA Pro III, available as a ClimaCheck Portable or Permanent DIN-Rail solution, provides a complete analysis of every operating parameter of any type of Air Conditioning, Close Control, Refrigeration or Heat Pump System, running on any refrigerant fluid.

ClimaCheck is available as a Portable Performance Analyser or as a Permanently Installed Performance Analyser.

Portable Performance Analyser – can be connected to most systems within 20 – 30 minutes and the results displayed in Tabular Worksheet, Graphical or System Schematic Formats. Results can be read at 1sec, 5sec, 30sec or 60sec intervals.


Who should attend?

This course is designed to give attendees an introduction and working knowledge of the NEW ClimaCheck PA PRO III Performance Analyser.

ClimaCheck enables A/C & Refrigeration Engineers to take field measurements of all types of AC&R equipment / systems using the Portable version of the ClimaCheck PA PRO III.

Attendees are expected to have a reasonable level of AC&R field experience covering servicing, maintenance and commissioning of air conditioning / refrigeration / heat pump equipment.  

Attendees are invited to submit their questions in advance of the course, to ensure that the training is of particular relevance to their field experience and requirements.

Introduction to the ClimaCheck Method & Technology


What is ClimaCheck?

  • Introduction to the ClimaCheck PA Pro III hardware
  • Understanding of the Principles used
  • Temperature / Pressure Sensors / Current Clamps / Voltage Connections
  • Power Meter Setup

Introduction to the ClimaCheck Software

  • ClimaCheck PA PRO software on Attendee’s Laptop or Business Edge Laptop
  • Principles of Templates & Data Source Files
  • Exporting to Excel


Connection and Set Up Demonstration of ClimaCheck up on a running Refrigeration System

  • Connection of Probes & Pressure Transducers (F-Gas Qualified attendees only)
  • Voltage & Current Measurements (3Ph & N, 3Ph Balanced, 1Ph systems)
  • Understanding and Monitoring Plant / System Behaviour
  • How does Superheat / Head Pressure / Sub-Cooling adjustment affect the system?
  • Establish if refrigerant charge is adequate / inadequate
  • Output of Recorded Data to create a Report (Word & Excel)
  • Typical uses for ClimaCheck – 3 Group Exercises


An overview and description of the new PA PRO III will be covered, with open discussion and questions.


Please email any questions or course subject / topic requests to:

Candidate Requirements

Candidates should download a free 20 day trial version of the ClimaCheck, firstly familiarising themselves with the general features before attending the Course.  The Course requires you to bring your own Notebook PC / Charger, etc.

Candidates who already own a ClimaCheck Portable, should bring their notebook PC/Charger, but are also welcome to bring the ClimaCheck Portable hardware, particularly if they have any problems that require rectification/discussion, as we may be able to assist in this regard during your time here.

Course Duration
2 Days.    (9.30am to 4.30pm)

Free of Charge

Buffet Lunch & Refreshments
A light buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Arrive on site properly tooled up with the PA Pro III

The solution delivers certainty when installing ACR & HP devices, together with ongoing analysis of the system. Similarly the remote analysis software tools deliver the potential for savings in both time and money for service engineers.

ClimaCheck gives businesses the edge… Come and see for yourself.

Please call Business Edge Ltd on: 02392 230007

Win our ACR Technical Reference Manual worth £50!

Take our 30 second survey to help us improve your online experience with Business Edge and we’ll enter your email address into our prize draw.

Business Edge Expands Specialist AC&R Consultancy / Troubleshooting Services

Business Edge needs more consulting and technical services horsepower!

During the last 25 years or so, Business Edge has provided a very specialised and unique consultancy/troubleshooting  service to the industry, this including work on all manner of air conditioning and refrigeration plant, both in the UK and overseas.

Site Work has included nuclear power stations, data centres, hospitals, military establishments, manufacturing facilities, scientific installations, warships and more.

Clients Include manufacturers of aircraft, water chillers, DX systems, cold rooms, CO2 systems and supermarket refrigeration plant.

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser – whilst the company sells and supports this advanced technology, it is also extensively used in its consultancy and troubleshooting work, allowing Business Edge to analyse and optimise any type of AC&R plant, including precision commissioning and troubleshooting. This work has been spearheaded by Mike Creamer, MD for many years. However, the ongoing workload, coupled with Mike’s other commitments now brings about the need for additional horsepower in the form of one or more additional consultants/AC&R Specialists, who will be appointed Associates of Business Edge Ltd.

Accordingly, the company is seeking enquiries from interested parties with the appropriate technical, practical skills and specialist knowledge to fulfil this very interesting requirement.

Please send CV and personal history to: Mike Creamer (


Fri3Oil gets thumbs up from J.L. Harrison Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd.

Refrigerant Recovery

J.L. Harrison are a specialist air conditioning and refrigeration contractor. Incorporated in 1961, the company has traded successfully for 55 years. We have been using the Fri3Oil technology for several years now on applications where flushing of either complete systems or partial system sections has been an essential requirement to exceptionally high levels of cleanliness so as to remove all traces or original / corrupted oil, acid, particulates and so on. Indeed, the Fri3Oil machine has also enables us to remove substantial quantities of water from systems, including compressor crankcases, where the evaporator on waters chillers has frozen and fractured, thereby allowing the chilled water system to flood the refrigeration circuit.

The Fri3Oil machine recovered refrigerate in liquid form at around 3/4 kg per minute into recovery cylinders and this saves an enormous amount of time, especially on those refrigeration and A/C systems where we may be dealing with a refrigerant charge of up to 500kg, this otherwise taking days to remove. Having applied the Fri3Oil machine to a project where it is either necessary to remove all traces of mineral oil in readiness for the injection of synthetic oil when replacing the original refrigerant with a new refrigerant type, or where a system is corrupted with acid, we end up with clean recycled refrigerant, a thoroughly clean system and all the contaminants neatly stored in a vessel for easy disposal.

Where acid formation within a system has occurred, leading to compressor motor burnout, failure to remove all traces of acid and particulates from the failed compressor motor windings nearly always leads to subsequent failure of the motor within the new replacement compressor. Consequently, it is essential to use the Fri3Oil technology to ensure an absolutely clean system before executing repairs, especially where compressor replacement following a burn out is necessary.

Lee Harrison

Managing Director
L. Harrison

Skinned Alive!

Our trusty vans have plenty of life left in them and have received a recent makeover. Together with meeting general promotional purposes, the vehicles have contact information displayed on the roof for ease of recognition when on site.




F-Gas Training Courses throughout the UK

F-Gas training courses

For those looking for F-Gas Courses, Business Edge deliver Cskills Awards or City & Guilds 2079 F Gas Training and Assessment Events.

Together with an extensive events calendar at our training centre in Portsmouth – Hampshire, we also have upcoming events scheduled for Milton Keynes – Buckinghamshire and Tiverton – Devon.

For those looking to capitalise on their valuable time, choose our 15 Day Modular Heat Pump Course which includes Brazing & F-Gas Certification at Portsmouth.

Our delegates experience first hand the in depth knowledge, the commitment and the imagination of an industry leading environmental control organisation.

Energy Saving Initiatives from Business Edge

Environmental awareness, reduced carbon footprints and a swathe of other green credentials are now an every day reality for building owners and facilities managers. Not only are these eco-friendly considerations sound environmentalism, but also in hard business terms, associated energy costs are an all important bottom line statistic.

Air conditioning and refrigeration hardware accounts for a sizeable percentage of the world’s energy usage and this trend is likely to continue. Modern building design together with integrated energy efficient solutions have made substantial progress towards environmental control running cost reduction. However the harsh reality is, that a vast majority of our infrastructure is dated and will remain that way for some time to come. This is where optimisation comes into it’s own.

Business Edge, through deploying their Health Check Service, has uncovered some truly astounding energy savings for their customers. Up to as much as 40% savings on running costs, that can be realised by simply optimising existing systems and infrastructure.

Using the ClimaCheck performance analyser, the non-invasive Health Check can take a matter of hours to produce highly detailed technical data on the performance of every operating parameter of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Business Edge’s Technical Team then dissects and analyses the data, searching for poorly performing elements that can be optimised.

Due to popular demand, the company have recently launched their Approved Partner Program. The initiative enables skilled contractors who receive in-depth training on the ClimaCheck product, to perform Health Checks, analyse and deploy optimisation and energy savings for a multitude of business types throughout the UK.

To find out more about how to optimise and thrive, or to receive training as part of the approved partner program, visit the Business Edge web site.

The Business Edge team will also be available to visitors on stand S1475 at this year’s Facilities Management Show at the Excel Centre, London 16th – 18th June. Managing Director Mike Creamer will be speaking at the show about SEI (System Efficiency Index). SEI now replaces COP, comparing actual efficiency versus perfect Carnot Cycle performance for system, compressor, evaporator and condenser.

F-Gas Leak Detection Solution

f-gas leak detection solution

Under new F–Gas Regulations, any system with 500 equivalent tonnes of CO2 must have permanent leak detection.

ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in, as well as all the benefits of energy monitoring and system defect alerts via text or email.

ClimaCheck-unitsWhy spend thousands on a leak detection system when ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in and can also come with direct leak detection sensors!


ClimaCheck is also available as a portable system. This way you can analyse plant at each service visit and each leak check.

Indirect Leak Detection – Standard

ClimaCheck relies on measurements within the system and compares these over time to establish there is a leak. More reliable for plant situated in ventilated plant rooms or outside.
Ideal for critically charged systems (no liquid receivers). ClimaCheck will clearly identify low sub-cooling, high superheat, reduced cooling capacity, lower COP readings, reduced compressor power, increased discharge temperature. This confirms a refrigerant leak!
Automatic alarms can be set to alert personnel to potential refrigerant leaks.

Direct Leak Detection – Optional

Add up to 6 ClimaCheck sensors on a single circuit system. Multiple options for different sensors to cover all refrigerants. Ideal for all systems including those with liquid receivers. Multiple alarm outputs from the ClimaCheck Server. Monitor multiple zones & plants with a single ClimaCheck system.

To find out more about how ClimaCheck can be your Ultimate Leak Detection Solution, please contact us or visit our website.




Forthcoming Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Training Courses at Business Edge

We understand the enthusiasm and willingness to learn from those attending our introductory courses and also recognise the mind-set of highly experienced air conditioning and refrigeration professionals who wish to increase their knowledge or qualifications.

Forthcoming Training Courses, including *Special Events

*8th April – CITB Essential Electrics (Reassessment) – £260

*14th April – Ducted Systems Design – £490
Covers all aspects of ductwork design, specification and good practice for building services installations.

30th April – City & Guilds 7543 Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Provides certification for those working on mobile air conditioning systems, e.g. cars and other vehicles covered by the MAC Directive.

5th May – City & Guilds 2382-15 (17th Edition)
The latest 17th Edition Scheme, using the new Yellow Book, which supersedes 2382-12. Course dates will be arranged according to demand.

*12th May – F-Gas Reassessment (Milton Keynes) – £400

*27th May – F-Gas Reassessment (Tiverton) – £400

27th May – City & Guilds 6187 (Level 2) Units 232/532 – Understand and apply Hydrocarbon RAC System Installation, Testing, Servicing & Maintenance Techniques
Delegates must hold a valid F-Gas Certification.

28th May – City & Guilds 6187 (Level 3) Unit 316 – Understand Hydrocarbon RAC system design, installation, commissioning and servicing & maintenance techniques

*22nd June – Heat Pump Course – £2,000

To find out more about our exemplary Training Facilities and to view all of our upcoming training events, visit our online air conditioning and refrigeration training courses here.

Register your interest now.

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