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F-Gas Training Courses throughout the UK

F-Gas training courses

For those looking for F-Gas Courses, Business Edge deliver Cskills Awards or City & Guilds 2079 F Gas Training and Assessment Events.

Together with an extensive events calendar at our training centre in Portsmouth – Hampshire, we also have upcoming events scheduled for Milton Keynes – Buckinghamshire and Tiverton – Devon.

For those looking to capitalise on their valuable time, choose our 15 Day Modular Heat Pump Course which includes Brazing & F-Gas Certification at Portsmouth.

Our delegates experience first hand the in depth knowledge, the commitment and the imagination of an industry leading environmental control organisation.

F-Gas Leak Detection Solution

f-gas leak detection solution

Under new F–Gas Regulations, any system with 500 equivalent tonnes of CO2 must have permanent leak detection.

ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in, as well as all the benefits of energy monitoring and system defect alerts via text or email.

ClimaCheck-unitsWhy spend thousands on a leak detection system when ClimaCheck has an indirect leak detection system built in and can also come with direct leak detection sensors!


ClimaCheck is also available as a portable system. This way you can analyse plant at each service visit and each leak check.

Indirect Leak Detection – Standard

ClimaCheck relies on measurements within the system and compares these over time to establish there is a leak. More reliable for plant situated in ventilated plant rooms or outside.
Ideal for critically charged systems (no liquid receivers). ClimaCheck will clearly identify low sub-cooling, high superheat, reduced cooling capacity, lower COP readings, reduced compressor power, increased discharge temperature. This confirms a refrigerant leak!
Automatic alarms can be set to alert personnel to potential refrigerant leaks.

Direct Leak Detection – Optional

Add up to 6 ClimaCheck sensors on a single circuit system. Multiple options for different sensors to cover all refrigerants. Ideal for all systems including those with liquid receivers. Multiple alarm outputs from the ClimaCheck Server. Monitor multiple zones & plants with a single ClimaCheck system.

To find out more about how ClimaCheck can be your Ultimate Leak Detection Solution, please contact us or visit our website.




Forthcoming Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Training Courses at Business Edge

We understand the enthusiasm and willingness to learn from those attending our introductory courses and also recognise the mind-set of highly experienced air conditioning and refrigeration professionals who wish to increase their knowledge or qualifications.

Forthcoming Training Courses, including *Special Events

*8th April – CITB Essential Electrics (Reassessment) – £260

*14th April – Ducted Systems Design – £490
Covers all aspects of ductwork design, specification and good practice for building services installations.

30th April – City & Guilds 7543 Mobile Air Conditioning Systems
Provides certification for those working on mobile air conditioning systems, e.g. cars and other vehicles covered by the MAC Directive.

5th May – City & Guilds 2382-15 (17th Edition)
The latest 17th Edition Scheme, using the new Yellow Book, which supersedes 2382-12. Course dates will be arranged according to demand.

*12th May – F-Gas Reassessment (Milton Keynes) – £400

*27th May – F-Gas Reassessment (Tiverton) – £400

27th May – City & Guilds 6187 (Level 2) Units 232/532 – Understand and apply Hydrocarbon RAC System Installation, Testing, Servicing & Maintenance Techniques
Delegates must hold a valid F-Gas Certification.

28th May – City & Guilds 6187 (Level 3) Unit 316 – Understand Hydrocarbon RAC system design, installation, commissioning and servicing & maintenance techniques

*22nd June – Heat Pump Course – £2,000

To find out more about our exemplary Training Facilities and to view all of our upcoming training events, visit our online air conditioning and refrigeration training courses here.

Register your interest now.

Refrigerant Retrofit Service

R22 Refrigerant Retrofit Service

New Business Edge Total Flushing/Refrigerant Retrofit/Performance Evaluation/Optimisation Service

The 1st January 2015 deadline is now approaching fast where R22 can no longer be used for service and repair work.

Our industry has not been able to convert this vast bank of installed equipment.  Conversion is difficult.  Accordingly, we are now offering our specialised service to contractors, FM’s and end user clients which include performance analysis, complete deep cleaning/flushing to remove all traces of oil, acid particulates, water, etc, evaluation of a suitable alternative and performance optimisation on re-commissioning.

For further details contact us.

Find out more about our Refrigeration Training and Air Conditioning Training Courses.

IPCC Fourth Assessment: F-Gas Legislation Seminar





The fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that, on the basis of existing scientific data, developed countries would need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% to 95% below 1990 levels by 2050.

To assist the European Commission in achieving this a “roadmap” was created highlighting sectorial contributions from six areas including Fluorinated Greenhouse gases. To further allow for reductions in the use of the aforementioned gases, major changes were suggested to the existing regulations. After a series of meetings and lobbying by all interested parties, the additions and amendments were ratified. This process resulted in EC Regulation 517/2014 repealing 842/2006. This regulation will come into force on the 01/01/2015. The “New” F Gas Regulations will make major changes to the availability and use of HFC’s over the next 15 years.

The main areas of change within the F-Gas regulations will affect everyone from manufacturers and end users to the technician on the street. The requirement for major reduction in CO2 emissions across Europe will result in the use of high GWP Refrigerants being “phased down” and in certain applications prohibited. This “phasing down” in the availability of the Hydro fluorocarbon refrigerants over the next fifteen years will cause manufacturers to change the refrigerant their equipment uses across a wide range of applications from Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration through to Heat Pump and Supermarket Refrigeration.

The “Phase Down” will also affect the availability of particularly high GWP refrigerants, such as R404A and R422D, for service and maintenance work on existing systems. As everyone knows when demand outstrips supply the cost of the refrigerant will increase and the cost effectiveness of any repair is less attractive. Given the problems end users have already endured during the prohibition of HCFC Refrigerants, these further changes will cause further headaches and affect the working relationship of end users and contractors.

The contractor will have to change the way they perform a variety of activities for their customers, including frequency and size of equipment required to be leak checked. The requirement for leak checking is no longer determined by the mass of refrigerant but by the CO2 equivalent based upon the GWP and system charged mass. Until manufacturers change the way their equipment is labeled, and existing equipment is re-labeled (by 2017 at the latest), the requirement can be difficult to interpret.

Contrary to the quote from ACRIB, our experience is that it is not to the “relief of 30,000 engineers that they do not have to be reassessed as their current F-Gas qualification will remain valid”. Indeed the majority of the engineers that have undertaken re-assessment have expressed their relief for the update in their knowledge of the regulations, allowing them to communicate the changes to their customers, enabling them to portray an efficient, professional image. Indeed, with the best will in the world, it would be difficult for every technician or contracting company to assimilate all the information within the regulations and pass that information along to all persons in their employ. Attendance on an F-Gas reassessment course will give attendees all the latest information on the revised F-Gas Regulations along with comprehensive hand-outs to refer to in the future.

To assist all affected organisations to fully understand and implement these changes, Business Edge, working in conjunction with CITB, REFCOM, Worcester Bosch, Bitzer UK and the European Association for Brazing and Soldering, are presenting a series of free, half day seminars to highlight the impact of the regulations. The first seminar will be on the 1st of October in Wakefield and the second seminar is on October the 7th in Milton Keynes.

Places are going fast – Book your seat now.

F-Gas Seminar


F-Gas Seminar – Regulation Impact Assessment



F-Gas SeminarWhat will the F-Gas legislation updates mean to you?

Join us for the most informative F-Gas Legislation Impact Assessment Seminar ever available in the UK.

Places are FREE and limited…
Speakers from Business Edge – REFCOM – CITB – Worcester Bosch – Bitzer UK

October 1st – Wakefield and October 7th – Milton Keynes
Attend the morning or afternoon session (lunch included)

Contact us now to book your seat.


F-Gas Legislation – ACR Leak Detection 24/7

2015 F-Gas regs dictate monitoring…

The fixed ClimaCheck Performance Analyser provides non-invasive monitoring of temperature/pressure/power meter connections for ACR & HP systems and delivers live reporting and alerts 24/7.

Up to 30% Energy Savings!
Lease your fixed unit from ONLY £95 per month!

The real potential with having ClimaCheck as part of your tool kit, is the system optimisation possibilities. Our experience shows that ClimaCheck can save up to 30% of ACR energy costs.

Refrigerant Recovery Service with Fri3Oil

“The Multi-purpose and Multi-Refrigerant Refrigeration Cleaning System.”

Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Fri3Oil works with any type of refrigerant and can be used on any type / size of refrigeration or air conditioning system. Fri3Oil is thus ideal for refrigerant/oil conversions (retrofits of MO/POE Oil) or the removal of all contaminants following a compressor motor burnout.

The Fri3Oil system is available to hire or buy from Business Edge together with a full flushing and recovery service from our experienced team. Read more about the Fri3Oil Refrigerant Recovery Machine here.



CITB work with Business Edge for new F-Gas Course

Air Conditioning Courses

CITB work with Business Edge to finalise F-Gas Certification Training. Visit our web site to renew your F-Gas certification.

Business Edge has developed in conjunction with the CITB a fully updated, streamlined, F-Gas training course for both initial and renewal candidates. The renewal option is open to engineers that hold a CITB or City and Guilds Certificate. After an exhaustive and thorough consultation process between Business Edge, the CITB, approved Training Providers and a select group of engineers, the process has been finalised and will be officially launched in June. Business Edge has multiple F-Gas events throughout the UK.

Read more about our ACR & HP training events, dates and venues.

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